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Gift Guide for Moms: What to Get Moms with Sleep Apnea

Buying your mom a thoughtful gift is a great way to show her how much you appreciate everything she does. Whether it’s for a special occasion, like Mother’s Day, or just because, taking the time to choose the perfect gift can bring a smile to her face. This year, we’re here to help you get ahead of the game and ensure your spot as the favorite child by getting mom what she truly wants (and needs!) — a good night’s sleep. 

1. Therapy Monitoring Service

Mom is busy. She’s already treating her sleep apnea with a CPAP Machine, and has been using her favorite CPAP mask with it, so what more could she need? Therapy monitoring. 

Therapy Monitoring allows the clinical team at cpapRX to quickly access mom’s current treatment data in order to provide up-to-date insight and recommendations that improve her sleep health.

This will help her rest easily, knowing the team behind cpapRX is the real deal. Dr. Yaish and his clinical team are board-certified sleep specialists with over 15 years of experience in the field.

2. Weighted Blanket

Mom is stressed. She wants to unwind, relax, and release the anxieties and irritations of the day. A weighted blanket can reduce stress and promote a feeling of calm through deep pressure stimulation which uses firm, controlled pressure. According to, these benefits can ease the anxiety of overactive nervous systems. 

3. Gift Card for a CPAP Upgrade

Mom is selfless. Has mom been using that same CPAP machine since her sleep apnea diagnosis? Probably. She’s thinking about the grocery store, Stevie’s braces, Dad’s hip, and defrosting the freezer. 

Take a little bit off her plate this year and give her the gift of picking out a new sleep station to start next year off right. Pap’s Gift Cards can be purchased from as low as $50 to as high as $500, so all the kids can chip in to get mom her Beyoncé-worthy upgrade

4. CPAP Sanitizer

Mom is tired (of cleaning). She’s been cleaning grubby fingerprints, toilets, and soiled clothes for yeeeeeaaars. Now, her CPAP machine is one more thing on the literal laundry list of items to be cleaned on the regular. 

A CPAP Sanitizer, like the SoClean 2 machine or the smaller unit, the Sleep8 are the perfect gift to scratch a couple things off mom’s list. Bonus: she can sanitize other things around the house like the remote control, keys, or your brother’s stinky socks. 

5. Premium Sleep Mask

Mom is a superhero. And what does every superhero need? No, no capes! Every superhero needs a mask. 

Our favorite pick is this super sleek, soft cotton, premium sleep mask. Perfect for a nap on the couch while Judge Judy deliberates, or for sleeping in on Sundays while you make her breakfast in bed. 

Now that you know what you’re getting mom this year, check our other Gift Guides if you’re shopping for college students, spouses and partners, or even ol’ Dad himself

While millions of people with sleep disorders are aware of their struggles, many remain undiagnosed. To learn more about sleep, at home sleep studies, and how you can benefit from a prescription for CPAP therapy, please contact us at any time

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