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Gift Guide for Dads: What to Get Dads with Sleep Apnea

What’s the one thing that every dad needs, but very few ever ask for? 

No, this isn’t the setup for some corny dad joke! There’s a very real and serious answer here. The one thing that every dad needs but few ever ask for is…a healthy night’s sleep. 

You can help the dad(s) in your life get the sleep they need and deserve by gifting them one (or all!) of the following items this holiday season. Following are our top gift picks for dads with sleep apnea. 

1. Travel CPAP Machine

Does your dad love taking the family on week-long camping adventures in the forest? Is a solo weekend fishing trip a twice-a-year tradition? Would he cut off his own finger before missing the annual golf vacation with the guys?! If Dad is an adventure-seeking traveler, then he needs a travel CPAP machine

The ResMed AirMini is one of our most popular travel machines. It weighs just over a pound and a half, fits in the palm of your hand, meets all FAA regulations for carryons, and can even be used while flying for those far away adventures. It’s the smallest portable CPAP machine on the market today.

With a durable, lightweight, and portable travel CPAP machine Dad can bring his sleep apnea treatment no matter where his wanderlust takes him. 

2. CPAP Travel Accessories

For the adventure Dad that already has a travel CPAP machine, what about some accessories to make traveling simpler and safer? 

The AirMini DC Converter will allow Dad to plug his CPAP machine into the cigarette lighter socket in his vehicle. Great for camping or those road trips when sleeping in the car is the only option!  

The AirMini Mount System comes with three different mounting options–mattress, hook, and wall mount–allowing Dad to secure his CPAP machine no matter what his sleeping situation turns out to be each night. 

Check out the other useful CPAP travel accessories we carry.

3. Gift Card

If your dad is a gadget junky and loves taking advantage of all the bells and whistles included in modern electronics, then a Pap’s Gift Card may be the perfect gift for him. You can give him anywhere from $50 to $500, and let him pick out that high-tech CPAP machine or latest-and-greatest CPAP mask himself. 

4. Weighted Blanket

Does your dad want to break the record for Fastest Couch-Nap Fall Asleep Time? There’s one product that is sure to improve his dozing performance–a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets can reduce stress and promote relaxation through calming deep pressure stimulation. Our weighted blankets are filled with premium micro-glass beads, providing temperature control to keep him warm but not too hot, cool but not too cold. 

5. CPAP Therapy Monitoring

Everybody could use a little help and advice every once in a while, even our all-knowing dads. That is especially true when it comes to treating sleep apnea and improving sleep health. 

Our remote CPAP Therapy Monitoring service is just what Dad needs. It provides him one-on-one access to the cpapRX Clinical Team to evaluate current treatment data and provide recommendations for improvements, and it’s all done conveniently and discreetly from Dad’s home. 

6. At-Home Sleep Test

Do you suspect that your dad has sleep apnea, but he hasn’t yet been diagnosed? Is he reluctant to get tested because he doesn’t want to sleep in a lab hooked up to a bunch of machines? 

For the dads out there that snore heavily, are struggling with extreme daytime fatigue, or experiencing any other key sleep apnea symptoms, an at-home sleep test is a perfect gift. Dad can take his sleep test from the comfort and convenience of his own bed, then our Clinical Team will reach out to review results and discuss the next steps. 

If Dad does end up having sleep apnea, he can go from diagnosis to treatment in as little as a week. Give it to him for Christmas and he’ll be on his way to treatment the first week of the new year! 

Now that you know what you’re getting Dad this year, check our other Gift Guides if you’re shopping for Mom, college students, or spouses and partners.

If you have any questions about giving sleep apnea supplies as gifts, sleep apnea treatment options, or sleep health in general, don’t hesitate to contact the cpapRX Clinical Team at any time. Call us at (866) 406-1978, drop us a line or hit that blue button in the bottom right corner to Live Chat with our team. 

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