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Healthy Sleep Gift Guide for Spouses & Partners

How did your loved one sleep last night? Was it difficult for them to fall asleep, waking at the slightest noise while tossing and turning with discomfort? Sadly, your spouse is not alone. According to the Better Sleep Council, at least 48 percent of Americans do not get sufficient quality sleep. Even worse, only half of them attempt to do anything to improve the quality of their sleep.

When our sleep health suffers, life can be difficult and less enjoyable. So, what better gift to give to your loved one than one that improves the quality of their sleep and, by extension, their life? 

The Science of Sleep: Gifts to Enhance Comfortable Sleep

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are on a mission to help you get the best sleep-enhancing products for your partner. They are grounded on the science of sleep to guarantee your spouse peace and comfort in their sleep. 

1. At-Home Sleep Test

At-home sleep apnea testing is an excellent and cost-effective way to figure out whether your partner is suffering from sleep disordered breathing. This device is a simple breathing monitor that can track their breathing, breathing effort, and oxygen levels while they sleep. And with some saying sleep apnea is worse than smoking, this could not just improve their life, but extend it. 

The best part with an At-Home Sleep Test is that your spouse does not have to go through sleep labs, get hooked up to a billion wires, or even send anything back. Your partner’s sleep therapy is monitored and examined by a sleep specialist who will guide them through their sleep apnea treatment journey.

2. Online CPAP Prescription Service

In the event your partner is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) helps keep their airway open, allowing for normal breathing throughout the night. 

An online CPAP prescription service can be a helpful gift if your spouse has previously been given a CPAP prescription. This service is even more important if you and your spouse cannot (or prefer not to) get to your current doctor, are looking to switch doctors, or are seeking great ways to simplify the sleep of your loved ones.

3. Sleep Sound Machine

Many folks can blame their lack of sleep on even the slightest noise in the house. However, with a sleep sound machine, you can mask the noise coming from outside your bedroom to allow your spouse an uninterrupted night’s rest.

Modern sleep sound machines have high-quality white noise sound to block out any disruptive noise. This machine can relieve your partner from all unwanted sounds to give you the serenity you need at night. Goodnight, kids. Goodnight, crickets. Goodnight, crotch-rocket racers. 

4. The Weighted Idea

Consider gifting your un-sound sleeper with a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets apply the concept of deep touch pressure, creating a gentle pressure across your whole body, resulting in the effect of “feeling embraced.”

The even spread of weight is super soothing and helps your spouse sleep better, while also easing anxiety. According to some manufacturers, weighted blankets enhance the production of serotonin and reduce cortisol, hence facilitating relaxation and sleep. Win win!

5. Blackout Curtains

When you need to eliminate all chances of nightly disturbances, blackout curtains are the ideal solution to stop the harsh street lights and unwanted street sounds. Blackout curtains are lined with thick fabrics to filter excessive street light and soften noises, allowing your partner restful sleep. 

Get ready for some serious sleeping-in on the weekends!

6. Comfortable Bedding and Mattress

Whereas many factors determine the comfort of your loved one’s sleep, bedding significantly influences the quality of sleep they get. Updating and replacing your bed linens can be a quick fix to help your spouse get a restful night’s sleep.

Quality linen sheets can be combined with a fabulous mattress, luxury pillows, and duvets to create a premium sleeping space for restorative sleep. This is a gift we say go all out on — it serves double-duty of making them feel pampered and keeping those zzz’s coming.

Choose textures, colors, and materials that are comfortable and appealing to your partner. Careful attention to details like fabrics, texture, and thread count will help you create a luxurious bedding collection that your partner will cherish for years.

7. Pajamas

A pair of pajamas may be a simple gift, yet it is an excellent treat to help them sleep better. Besides the luxurious feel that soothes sleep, pajamas are popular for absorbing sweat and controlling body temperature. We like bamboo pajamas that are great if your partner has night sweats. 

On the flip side, there are quality pajamas that feature antimicrobial treatment that fights odor and bacteria to enhance sleep hygiene. It will come as no surprise that your partner will love the cozy and luxurious feel of a sweet and stylish pair of pajamas.

8. cpapRX Gift Card

Not sure what to get your loved one or don’t know which CPAP mask or machine they use? Get them a digital gift card from cpapRX, and let them do the shopping! No more guessing or ordering the wrong item. Simple as that!

How cpapRX Can Help

At cpapRX, we offer superior products and services to restore your comfort at night and guarantee you ZZZs. We are sleep specialists, and our sleep-enhancing products range from sleep apnea machines (CPAP, Auto-CPAP, BiPAP, Travel CPAP), CPAP masks, and other accessories all from leading brands.

We also offer unbeatable services in at-home sleep testing, online CPAP prescriptions and renewals, and ongoing, wireless Therapy Monitoring.

Feel free to Contact Us today for more information on how you can help your spouse sleep better.

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