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A wide selection of nasal, pillows and full face masks.

Breathing seems simple enough, right? Truth is, the way we breathe varies as much as our personal style and the type of tv we like to watch. Learn more below about the type of mask that may suit you best.

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Pillows Masks

Pillows masks are compact and lightweight, with designs that allow minimal contact with your face. They work best with prescriptions of low-to moderate pressure settings, since airflow that is direct to the nostrils may be uncomfortable at high settings.

Nasal Masks

The nasal mask covers your nose from the bridge to your upper lip area. This delivers an indirect airflow to the airway via the nasal mask and works well for those who need higher pressure settings.

Full Face Masks

The full face mask covers your mouth and nose, so they are ideal if you breathe primarily through the mouth. Also, those with frequent congestions due to cold symptoms or allergies or nasal obstructions will find full face masks more beneficial.

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