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AirFit P10 Pillows Mask - CPAP Pillows Mask - cpaprx

AirFit™ P10 Pillows Mask

AirFit P10 Pillows Mask - CPAP Pillows Mask - cpaprx

The AirFit™ P10 Pillows Mask is small, lightweight, and easy to use and adjust.  The pillows cushion is designed to provide stability so the mask doesn’t move around as you sleep.  The slip-on headgear is simple to put on and allows you to watch TV or read in bed while wearing your mask.


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Product Description

AirFit P10 Pillows Mask System

  • Includes the headgear, frame system with a short tube connected, 3 pillow sizes (Small, Medium, Large), and 2 headgear clips
  • Pillow Masks seal around the base of the nostrils
  • Prescription required

Product Benefits:

The AirFit P10 Pillows Mask is the smallest and lightest CPAP pillows mask on the market! The P10 mask system is designed for comfort with slender headgear, flexible tubing, and pliable pillows. This mask is perfect for users who toss and turn frequently during the night as it is lightweight and moves with you as you sleep. The P10 pillows mask is minimally invasive and allows for more visibility. So, you can continue to enjoy watching television in bed or reading a book without being afraid of falling asleep without your mask!

Silicone Pillows

Every P10 Pillows Mask system comes with three pillow sizes. The blue headgear system contains Small, Medium, and Large, while the violet headgear system provides the Extra-Small, Small, and Medium. The P10 pillows are made from a pliable silicone that maximizes comfort without irritation to the nostrils. Pillows can easily be removed and cleaned on a routine basis. Overtime these pillows loose pliability, but no worries! You can easily reorder the perfect size for you on

Headgear and Frame

The P10 Pillows Mask headgear was designed for comfort and to be minimally invasive. The headgear comes in two colors; blue and violet, allowing for couples to utilize the same masks without mixing them up. The Comfortable QuickFit™ Elastic Headgear has two straps that wrap gently around the back of the user’s head. Allowing a large range of visibility while using P10 mask. This mask system includes 2 headgear clips that allow you to tighten the headgear to maximum comfort levels without all the hassle of velcro. The headgear can easily be removed from the frame of the P10 mask for cleaning.

PAP’s Expert Review by Kelsey:

I have treated many patients with the P10 mask and despite the sleek, and slender appearance, the largest concern is “will this make my nostrils larger’? The answer is no, the pillows will not stretch your nostrils, but finding the perfect size pillow is very important. The pillows should not enter the nostrils, rather inflate around the opening of the nostrils.






Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 6.496 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.75 in

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