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CPAP Masks

CPAP masks are connected to a CPAP machine to deliver continuous air pressure as you sleep. There are three types of masks: full-face CPAP masks, CPAP nasal masks, and nasal pillows CPAP masks. Several factors are involved in finding the right mask for you: Do you sleep on your back, stomach or side? Do you sleep with your mouth open? Do you like to read before falling asleep? An active sleeper may need a different mask than someone who is less active, too. It’s a bit of a personal preference, and you may need to try out a few different kinds of masks before settling on the one that provides the most comfort, freedom of movement, and best therapy.

What Type of CPAP Mask Should I Get?

Learn more about the different styles of masks, check out the best mask by sleeping position, or contact our Clinical team at 833-216-CPAP or Live chat.

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