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Below are some of the common questions our customers ask while researching and purchasing sleep apnea products from cpapRX.

Placing An Order

Orders can easily be placed online or over the phone. To place an order online, simply shop for your products in our online CPAP store and proceed to the checkout using your shopping cart. If for any reason you’re having trouble placing your order, our customer service staff will be happy to assist you. Just give us a call at 833-216-CPAP.

Any order placed before 12PM Central Time will be shipped out on the same business day. If your order is placed after 12PM Central Time it will be shipped on the following business day. Business days are Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM Central Time, excluding national holidays. You can expect your order to arrive in 3-6 business days. We ship all orders via FedEx and you will receive an email with the tracking number shortly after your order is placed. If you have any questions or need to expedite an order, please call us at 833-216-CPAP.

For assistance, please call us at 833-216-CPAP. You can also email our customer service department at customerservice@cpaprx.com. Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM Central Time.

We understand that CPAP therapy varies for each individual and will work with you to find the equipment that works best for you. Returns are accepted up to 30 days after receipt of the material if it is unused. Defective material may be returned in the same time period after usage reveals the product to have a defect. Refunds will be given for unused materials (excluding postage). Full refunds, including postage, will be given for defective material.

cpapRX prides itself on having the most competitive pricing on the world’s best CPAP supplies and we will match any competitor that you find as long as it is from an authorized CPAP retailer. If you find a lower price anywhere, contact us directly at 833-216-CPAP or send us an email at customerservice@cpapRX.com and we will gladly look into the situation with you.


At this time, cpapRX does not bill insurance companies for purchases. cpapRX is exclusively for self-pay and HSA account purchases only.

Using your HSA account to purchase your CPAP supplies is a great idea and we would love to help you with the process. Before we do, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your plan details and confirm that your HSA account is linked to a major credit card. A portion of your dollars can also be applied to your total order with cpapRX, which makes for a great way to save money! If you have questions about how to do this or are ready to place an order using your HSA account, email us at customerservice@cpapRX.com or call us at 833.216.CPAP.

CPAP Masks and Supplies

There are three main CPAP mask categories. Each type of mask has its own pros and cons based on health conditions and personal preferences. CPAP users may also find that they have changing needs on a daily basis, and thus they use different kinds of masks at home to fit these varying situations. The three main categories of CPAP masks are:  

  1. Full-Face CPAP Masks: Full face masks don’t actually go over the entire face, but they do cover both the nose and the mouth. If you breathe with your mouth open, or you have frequent problems with allergies and nasal congestion, this is the style of mask we recommend. 
  2. Nasal Masks: Nasal masks cover, you guessed it, the nose only. These masks are held in place using a four point headgear. Nasal masks are one of the most popular styles of CPAP masks.
  3. Nasal Pillows Masks: Nasal pillow masks are the smallest and most discreet of the three mask styles. They fit up inside your nostrils. If you are experiencing skin irritation with other types of masks, this is the style we recommend since they have the least amount of contact with your face.

There are several options to help you find the right CPAP mask. Being fit for a mask by a trained professional will always be the best way to ensure accurate sizing. While shopping online, try using the sizing chart included for each product. Also, feel free to contact us directly at 833-216-CPAP or email us at customerservice@cpapRX.com and we will be glad to help. Please note that Pillow CPAP masks come with MISSING CONTENT

To measure for a Nasal Mask, the preferred method is: 

  1. Find a ruler, and measure in a straight line horizontally (left to right) 
  2. Measure from the outside of your nose on the left and to the right side of your nose (Ask a friend for help if needed) 
  3. Match your measurement to the sizing chart

To measure for a Full Face Mask, the preferred method is: 

  1. Find a ruler, and measure vertically (top to bottom) 
  2. Measure from the bridge of the nose down to the indentation below your bottom lip 
  3. Match your measurement to the sizing chart.

The great news is that all CPAP masks are compatible with all CPAP machines, regardless of the manufacturer or brand! For further machine components please contact us and we will assist you with finding the machine brand and generation, to ensure you are purchasing the correct product.

Keeping your mask clean is extremely important. It’s not only an issue of sanitation but it’s an issue of safety and your health. All CPAP supplies should be cleaned on a daily to weekly basis. cpapRX offers some of the CPAP supply cleaning products. Check out our section on CPAP cleaning supplies to learn more!

Most CPAP machines are warranted for two years. We are happy to handle any problems that arise and will work with you to fix whatever problem you might have. Please know that some repairs can take up to 2-3 weeks to process. Rental machines are available to help you while the manufacturer of your machine is attempting repair or replacement. Give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

With so many CPAP mask choices, which one is right for you? Traditional CPAP nasal masks are usually the most popular with CPAP users. Full face CPAP masks are preferred by patients who have problems with mouth breathing or leaking from the mouth. Other options include nasal interface systems (such as nasal pillows systems), and oral masks. There are pros and cons for all these options. For the best possible choice, stick with what has worked in the past but consider trying something new if you have been having issues. Either way, cpapRX is here to Simplify Your Sleep and we will make sure we help you get it right. Give us a call and we can talk about what options might be best for you.

Some employers, and physicians, like to (or need to) track how well you are performing with your CPAP machine and therapy. Compliance data allows your physician or employer to monitor your usage and to be sure you are getting the best treatment possible. The clinical data assists the physician in making necessary changes to your treatment and is very helpful in tweaking your therapy to make sure it is right, just for you!

All CPAP masks are universal and can be used with any CPAP machine or BiPAP machine from any manufacturer. Yay!

If you happen to breathe with your mouth open and are using a nasal mask, pressure can be reduced making treatment ineffective. Full face CPAP masks allow you to breath from the nose or the mouth, while still obtaining maximum treatment.

CPAP and BiPAP supplies are disposable and are meant to be replaced frequently to ensure that they are safe, and effective, for your treatment. If you are using things like masks, tubing, filters, and headgear for extended periods of time – past their suggested replacement frequency – you can jeopardize your CPAP therapy. Your mask cushions are delicate and can develop leaks, clogged filters can allow dust and pollen to be delivered into your airway, and over-stretched headgear can require extreme tightening, causing pain and leaving marks on your face.

Take a look at the recommendations for replacement frequency and consider sticking to this schedule to ensure safe and effective therapy.


Replacement Frequency 

CPAP Machine 

Generally, every 3-5 years, or as necessary

Mask Headgear

Every 3-6 months 

CPAP Tubing 

Every 3 months

Disposable Filter 

Twice per month

Non-disposable Filters 

Once every 6 months 

CPAP Chin strap 

Every 6 months 

Full Face Interface/seal

Once per month 

Nasal Cushion/Seal 

Twice per month

Humidifier Chamber (Water tank)

Every 6 months

Nasal Pillow

Twice per month

Mask leakage is important to fix and can be caused by a variety of issues. One thing to know is that CPAP masks are never intended to be 100% airtight and it is normal to experience just a little leaking from time to time. Before shopping for a new CPAP mask, there are a couple things you can do to help fix the issue. First, with your machine running, pull your CPAP mask away from your face and let the seal inflate fully. Next, try setting the CPAP mask back into place to see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn’t work, perhaps your CPAP mask is too tight. Try loosening the head straps to allow proper inflation of the seal. If you are trying a new mask out, please remember to allow yourself ample time to adjust to the CPAP mask. If you continue to have problems, give us a call and we’ll help you out.


A CPAP prescription is required for any CPAP machines, Mask systems (headgear, frame, and pillow/cushion), and replacement humidifiers. Individually sold components to any mask do not require a prescription to order.

Federal law requires a valid prescription on file before we can supply your CPAP mask, machine, and/or humidifier. The good news is cpapRX is one of the only places where you can renew your prescription without leaving your home! Visit our CPAP prescription section or contact us directly if you have questions about your prescription.

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