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Sleep Apnea Just Became So, So Easy

Remember when you used to have to schedule an appointment, take time out of your day to go to the doctor and even spend money on an office co-pay just to renew your CPAP prescription? Oh, and then, you had to drive across town to physically pick up your CPAP supplies? Repeat that a few times a year and it’s no wonder so many people give up on CPAP. Everything about cpapRX was designed with your convenience, and health, in mind. Shop. Prescribe. Sleep.

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Meet Your Doctor From Your Couch

Yes, it’s that easy. Your very own Sleep Specialist right here, at your fingertips. A real doctor that can answer your real questions, all through our secure online portal. Your personal sleep study will be confidentially reviewed by Dr. Yaish and your CPAP prescription renewal will be securely sent directly back to you. How easy is that?!
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a reoccurring relationship

Set Up Reordering To Make Sleep A Breeze

Here’s the reality: if you are committed to CPAP you are going to need renewal supplies every few months. You know what CPAP mask you like, you know what CPAP machine you have. How great would it be if you didn’t have to spend time ordering your CPAP supplies every couple of months and instead they just showed up on a regular schedule? Well, we can do that for you, right here. Coming Soon!

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Sleep Aid Can Change & We’ll Be Here For That

cpapRX was founded, and is operated, by a board certified Sleep Specialist. Dr. Yaish, and his team, have spent their entire careers treating patients with sleep apnea. When you contact our team, you are in the care of a real clinical team, in a real clinical setting with a real doctor. We are here for you on this journey and we are here with one simple goal:  Simply Your Sleep.

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