AirFit™ N20 Complete Mask

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Includes nasal headgear, frame and cushion



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ResMed Airfit N20 Mask System

  • Includes the headgear, frame system, short tubing and nasal mask cushion
  • Nasal mask, covering nose only
  • Available in Small, Medium and large cushions
  • Available in headgear colors Blue and Violet
  • Prescription required for complete mask system

Product Benefits:

InfinitySeal Cushion

The ResMed AirFit N20 mask has an Infinityseal cushion available in small, medium and large. This silicone cushion is designed to fit a variety nasal shapes with less facial contact points. The InfinitySeal™ cushion allows a proper seal at any airflow pressure setting.

Magnetic clips and Quick Release Elbow

The magnetic clips attach the headgear to the frame of the mask and can be removed quickly in two simple snaps. The quick release elbow is located on the front of the mask frame system. This quick release elbow allows for you to remove the tubing, but leave the mask on while getting up in night for restroom breaks. The quick release elbow also comes with a light weight tube extension.

Soft Frame

The frame is flexible and designed with extra padding to assist in avoiding skin irritation. The frame allows for the user to have an open line of site which is beneficial for users who enjoy reading or watching television prior to bed.


Plush Headgear

The plus headgear is available in colors blue and violet. The headgear is made of a soft and flexible fabric to assist in avoiding those red marks on the face. The ResMed N20 headgear has four point adjustments to allow for maximum comfort and seal.

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