AirTouch™ F20 Complete Mask

Includes full face headgear, frame and foam cushion



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ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face Mask System 

  • Includes the headgear, frame system, elbow and full face mask cushion.
  • Full face mask, covering the nose and the mouth
  • Prescription required for complete mask system

Product Benefits:

Ultra Soft memory foam cushion

The ultra soft memory foam cushion is compatible with the Airtouch and the F20 headgears and Frame. The foam cushion easily contours to the shape of any face with it’s soft and comfortable material. Unlike the traditional silicone cushion which can be submerged and washed daily, the memory foam cushion should be wiped clean with CPAP approved cleaning wipes. (see cleaning products for more information) The Ultra Soft memory foam cushion works best when it is replaced on a 30 day cycle.

Magnetic clips and Quick and Quiet release Elbow

The Airtouch mask systems comes equipped with magnets that attach the headgear to the lower end of the frame. These magnets allow for the mask to be easily taken on and off with two simple clicks. This puts an end to fighting with those velcro straps on a nightly basis. The quick release elbow located on the front of the mask allows for easy removal of the tubing for those night time bathroom breaks, without ever having to take off the mask. The Quieting feature is built into the quick release elbow. This allows for the mask to be 89% quieter than before!

Frame and Headgear

The Airtouch F20 mask now comes with two colored headgears; Violet and traditional Blue. This allows for those couples both on CPAP machines to enjoy the same style masks without mixing them up! The Airtouch F20 mask system and the F20 mask systems use the same frame and headgear, making it easily interchangeable between the Silicone cushions and the Ultra soft foam!

PAP’s Expert Review by Kelsey:

I have found that patients who have lower dentures and remove them at night often struggle with incorrect mask fit and seal. The ultra soft memory foam cushion is very forgiving and allows for patients to remove their dentures, but still obtain a perfect seal without waking up with those annoying lines (that seem to last ALL day) on their face from overtightening.




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