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Eson™ 2 Complete Nasal Mask - Full Front Mask

Eson™ 2 Complete Nasal Mask

Eson™ 2 Complete Nasal Mask - Full Front Mask

The Eson™ 2 Nasal Mask available in small, medium, and large takes the minimalist design to a whole new level featuring enhanced RollFit seals to improve comfort and fit,  stitchless headgear soft to the touch, a slim frame to provide stability with a clear line of sight and an eco-friendly diffuser that keeps noise to a minimum.


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Product Description

Eson™ 2 Nasal Mask

  • Includes the headgear, frame system, Eco-friendly noise-reducing diffuser, and Nasal cushion
  • Nasal mask, covering nose only
  • Prescription required for a complete mask system

Product Benefits:

Rollfit Cushion

The updated Eson™ 2 mask is designed with additional support around the bridge of the nose to prevent leaks. This updated cushion is designed to be comfortable and more stable than the predecessor, the Eson mask. The Eson 2 mask is available in small, medium, and large.

Forehead Stability and Frame System

Eson™ 2 forehead stability and frame system tightly lock in the nasal cushion. The forehead stability is known to provide better support for placement and avoid leaks. The Eson 2 headgear is designed with multiple adjustment options to maximize comfort. The Velcro straps located on two points of the frame and the top of the head allow for quick and simple adjustments when tightening and loosening your mask.

Quiet Noise Diffuser

The quiet noise diffuser was added to the Eson 2 with Ecofriendly material, which significantly lowers the noise coming from the exit air of the mask. This diffuser can be completely removed and replaced to improve the life of your Eson 2 mask.


Looking for additional information on this mask?  Visit Fisher & Paykel’s office Eson™ 2 mask page today!

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 6.7 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10.5 × 4 in

Fit Pack, large, medium, small

90 Day Warranty

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