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Healthy Sleep Gift Guide for Dads

Dads. They work hard, play hard, and deserve to sleep hard. Unfortunately, 2020 has been a heckuva year, and not all dads have been getting their full nights’ sleep. 

We’ve rounded up the team’s top picks to help you find the perfect holiday gift for the tired Dad in your life who could use a few more ZZZs.

1. Sleep Tracker

Whether you buy him a wearable wristband tracker, a bedside monitor, or a device that fits under his mattress, giving dad a way to track his sleep progress is a good first step toward helping him sleep better. 

Warning: expect many text updates from Dad about his sleep progress!

2. Smart Pillows

You heard that right, even pillows can be smart now!

Since we all have our own “sleep style” (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers), smart pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Some smart pillows are exactly what you’d expect: pillows with built-in electronics. Others are just thin electronic inserts that go inside of Dad’s favorite pillowcase. Some even come with funky bedside controllers.

As for what they can do:

  • play music
  • track sleep
  • deter snoring
  • act as alarm clocks

If your Dad loves gadgets, this may be the perfect gift to ensure he starts sleeping like the King he is.

3. Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy lamps have a proven track record for helping insomnia sufferers get more rest. By simply sitting near a special light box for a certain amount of time each day, dad could be enjoying better and longer sleep sessions in no time. Bonus: if Dad also suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), this should provide him with marked improvement. 

Light therapy lamps can be purchased locally, online, or through your local healthcare providers. And sometimes these items are covered by insurance, so be sure to check with your provider first!

4. Soothing Audiobooks

Many Dads want to read more but just can’t seem to find the time (or, if they’re anything like our dads, they fall asleep on the couch every time they do find the time!). At the end of a long and hard day, they find they just don’t have enough energy to read. 

By buying Dad a few soothing audiobooks, you could provide him with just what he needs to help calm his mind as he prepares for sleep.  Just be sure to show him how the “Sleep Timer” setting works in his audiobook app of choice. That way if he falls asleep after he hits “play,” the book won’t continue to play all night!

5. Novelty Sleep Mask

Even if Dad thinks he doesn’t deserve to be pampered, if you give him a sleep mask featuring his favorite superheroes, a warning to those who dare to wake him, or some zombie eyes, you just might trick him into some better sleep despite himself! (And yes, we fully support tricking Dad into getting a better night’s sleep.)

6. Comfortable Earplugs

Not all earplugs are created equal. Some are designed for hunters, some for concert-goers, and some for industrial workers. In order to help Dad cancel out unwanted sounds and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, slip a pair of comfortable earplugs for sleeping in his stocking. That way no matter how disruptive his environment (or loud his children), he can just keep on snoozing. 

7. A “Manly” Diffuser

While essential oils haven’t exactly caught the imagination of all men, the therapeutic benefits shouldn’t be ignored–particularly by those who have trouble sleeping. If you’re going to get Dad an oil diffuser, however, we recommend you at least choose something black and utilitarian-looking.

8. An At-Home Sleep Study

If Dad has been falling asleep in his morning cereal, there could be an underlying reason contributing to his poor sleep. With a disposable at-home sleep study, he can finally get the answers he’s been looking for and the good night’s sleep he needs and deserves. 

9. cpapRX Gift Card

Not sure what to get your dad or don’t know which CPAP mask or machine they use? Get them a digital gift card from cpapRX, and let them do the shopping! No more guessing or ordering the wrong item. Simple as that!

We Can Help

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