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Healthy Sleep Gift Guide for Moms

This year more than any other, our moms deserve a good night’s sleep. It’s been a long and hard 2020, and what better way to ring in the holiday season than by giving mom a gift that will help her catch up on all the sleep she’s missed!

Here are nine items that must absolutely be on the list:

1. A New Mattress

According to industry insiders, mattresses should be replaced every seven to ten years. In addition to the age of the mattress, here are a few more signs that mom needs a new one:

  • it’s saggy
  • shows noticeable wear 
  • she wakes up in pain
  • she feels more rested when sleeping elsewhere

Our only recommendation here is that you don’t try to wrap this gift. A large bow should prove sufficient!

2. Comfortable Pillows

Depending on your mom’s preferences and personal needs, you may choose from memory foam, down, feather, bamboo shredded, or plush pillows. The most important consideration is the level of firmness your mother needs in order to keep her neck well supported. 

Support keeps the head and neck properly aligned and in the long term, this becomes your definition of comfortable. Because of this dynamic, we recommend that if you do buy mom some comfortable pillows this holiday season, be sure to present them to her along with a gift receipt.

3. High Thread-Count Sheets

Few things say “luxury” quite like high thread-count sheets. The smooth feel of sliding between a pair of expensive sheets at the end of a long, hard day is nearly unmatched. The more hard-working your mom, the more restful and cozy she’s likely to find this particular gift!

Our friends over at The Spruce put together a list of the best high thread-count sheets available in 2023. The prices on their list range from $20-$200, putting quality sheets in reach for most of us. 

4. Blackout Curtains

Moms don’t have to be living in Alaska to benefit from a set of blackout curtains. With their new gift in place, they’ll be able to sleep late or enjoy an afternoon nap without being bothered by the sun. This is an especially thoughtful gift for moms who work nights!

Don’t let the name fool you, either. Blackout curtains are given their name more for their purpose than for their appearance. Many of them are super trendy and don’t contain an ounce of black coloring.

5. Sleep Apps

Not too long ago, we put together a list of 10 top sleep apps available on the market in 2020. While some of the apps we recommend are free, some are subscription-based apps or require a one-time purchase.  Any one of them could make a good gift for mom this holiday season! 

6. Weighted Blanket

According to recent studies, 63% of people who sleep under a weighted blanket report experiencing lower levels of anxiety, while 78% say that weighted blankets are their preferred method of calming down.

Weighted blankets offer deep pressure stimulation, a form of touch pressure that feels like a firm hug, a massage, or swaddling.

7. An Home Sleep Test  

If mom’s been having trouble sleeping this year, there always could be an underlying reason like sleep apnea. By taking advantage of a home sleep test, she can easily and safely access accurate, reliable sleep-study data without the hassle of booking an appointment or visiting a sleep lab. Now, that’s a true gift!

8. Sleep Apnea Machine & Supplies

Has your mom already been diagnosed with sleep apnea and an active CPAP user? Then she might need a new CPAP mask, some fresh CPAP supplies, a CPAP sanitizer machine, or maybe even a mini travel CPAP machine, so she can maintain therapy when she comes to visit your family. Whatever type of CPAP equipment mom might need, cpapRX has her covered! 

9. cpapRX Gift Card

Not sure what to get your mom or don’t know which CPAP mask or machine they use? Get them a digital gift card from cpapRX, and let them do the shopping! No more guessing or ordering the wrong item. Simple as that!

There’s never been a better time to give the gift of healthy sleep. If you have any questions about sleep apnea, CPAP supplies, or how you can get or renew CPAP prescriptions online, feel free to contact us at any time.

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