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AirMini™ AutoSet With P10 Set-up Pack and P10 Mask


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AirMini AutoSet

Includes ResMed AirMini™ travel CPAP machine, tubing set-up and a P10 complete mask. Everything you need to get some good zzz’s all found in this one set!

This is the machine for you! Weighing in at just over half a pound and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the AirMini is perfect for traveling! Speaking of traveling, the AirMini not only meets all FAA guidelines for carry-on but you can also use it while flying! The AirMini is loaded with all the best technology, most recent advancements from ResMed and operates off a normal 20-watt power supply. Super quiet functioning and Ramp/EPR pressure relief features make this unit even better!

About AirMini:

• World’s smallest, portable CPAP on the market today.

• AirMini includes three therapy modes: CPAP, AutoSet™ (APAP) and AutoSet for Her (APAP)

• Designed to work with ResMed CPAP masks: AirFit™ P10 for AirMini, AirFit N20, AirFit F20, AirTouch™ F20 and AirFit F30.

• Works with HumidX™ and HumidX Plus waterless humidification when used with a compatible nasal CPAP mask

• Convenient control via Bluetooth when paired with the AirMini app

  • Prescription Required

ResMed AutoSet Technology

The AirMini line offers advanced new technology that automatically monitors your breathing and adjusts the pressure to the lowest setting needed to help treat you. What a great option to help avoid unnecessary visits to your doctor, saving you time and money!

FREE ResMed Mask Included

This AirMini set includes a FREE ResMed mask that is compatible with The AirMini Auto CPAP systems. What a great deal!

Auto Features That Help You Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

ResMed packed a lot of technology into this little machine. Their automatic start and stop technology allows the AirMini to begin treatment when you start breathing into the mask and stop treatment when the mask is removed. Another great technology can be found in the AirMini’s Ramp feature. With this feature, the machine will essentially slowly ramp up to the desired therapy setting, little by little, while you comfortably fall asleep. Once you are asleep, rest assured the AirMini will maintain your needed therapy range.

HumidX Delivers Needed Moisture Without Needing Extra Supplies

ResMed added the HumidX waterless technology to the tubing that works with the N20 and P10 makes for the AirMini. This means you can get the benefits and comforts of added moisture during your therapy without having to pack extra supplies, like a humidifier. Please note that HumidX is not available on the F20 or F30 masks.

CPAP or APAP Modes

Whether you use CPAP or APAP, this machine is for you. The AirMini is designed to work in either setting and will continuously adjust itself  throughout the night to meet your desired pressure needs. How great is that?!

Includes FREE Wireless Monitoring 

Even more great technology can be found in AirMini’s app, included FREE. This amazing app can control everything on your machine with the touch of a button from your Apple or Android mobile phone. Use the app to review important therapy data, including your 30 day sleep score, usage, hourly events and even monitor leakage.

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