Mirage Swift™ II Nasal Pillows Complete System


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The ResMed Mirage Swift™ II nasal pillows mask offers Mirage™ comfort and quality in a nasal pillows system. It’s ideal for patients who want a light, flexible CPAP mask that provides a clear field of vision.

  • Quiet. Air vent directs air quietly and gently away from the patient and bed partner.
  • Light. The mask’s lightweight design makes it easy to handle and unobtrusive to wear.
  • Flexible. Four interchangeable tube positions (up, down, left, or right) offer flexibility, comfort, and more sleeping positions.
  • Adaptable. The Mirage Swift II is designed to fit a wide range of facial and nasal structures.

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the latest mask technologies for a better therapy experience, this mask below is discontinued.  See the Mirage Swift™ II Mask upgrade here!


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