TAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask FitPack

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The TAP PAP Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Improved Stability Mouthpiece is the proactive result of Airway Management listening to customer feedback. The redesigned stability mouthpiece is lighter and thinner with the same great moldable feature to fit each individual user. The unique design of this nasal pillow mask provides a stable fit without headgear to avoid facial marks and headgear hair.

This product includes:

  • Mask Frame Assembly
  • Small, Medium, and Large Nasal Pillows
  • Mouthpiece
  • Short Tube
  • Instruction Booklet

Soft Mouthpiece

The TAP PAP’s Mouthpiece provides a stable and secure fit without leaks or pressure points. The mouthpiece is made of a heat-sensitive, moldable polymer called ThermAcryl™ that is easily customized by warming in hot water and placing it on your upper teeth. If you find you need to re-fit the mouthpiece simply warm it again and repeat the fitting method. Once fitted the TAP PAP Mouthpiece will not move or leak and does not require headgear; it will fit snugly on your upper teeth without crowding the mouth or tongue.

Nasal Pillows

TAP PAP Nasal Pillows are aligned precisely by the mask’s Adjustable Frame so they can rest on the entrance to the nostrils, without pressure or deep insertion, for a tranquil, peaceful night’s sleep. Each TAP PAP Mask comes complete with three nasal pillow sets in Small, Medium & Large so you’re sure to get your best fit right out of the box.

Adjustable Frame

With most nasal pillow masks the pillows are pre-set at a particular angle, by the manufacturer, so that they cannot be adjusted to fit an individual user. The TAP PAP solves this problem with a highly adjustable, jointed frame that allows you to set the angle and depth of the nasal pillows to your perfect fit.

The Finishing Touches

While a lot of thought went into the TAP PAP’s major features; it’s the smaller “finishing touches” that can sometimes make or break a CPAP mask design. With the TAP PAP, the finishing touches are as effectively considered as the rest of the mask. The TAP PAP’s exhalation ports are widely dispersed along the mask frame to reduce noise and airflow disruption. As a result, the TAP PAP is one of the quietest masks on the market at 25.7 dBA. And the TAP PAP’s short tube connects to your main CPAP tube with a swiveled, rotating, ball-and-socket joint that creates a highly flexible connection resistant to kinking, tugging, and pulling.



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