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Sleep Health Resolutions for a New Year, New Ewe

It’s that time of year when we all set goals for living healthier and happier lives. Eat better. Exercise more. Reduce stress. 

While these goals are positive and the goal setter is well-intentioned, they’re too vague to truly be attainable or make a real difference. So instead of setting an ambiguous resolution this year, we encourage you to pick one or two very specific ones related to your sleep health. Here are a few New Year, New Ewe resolutions you can try on for size:

“I resolve to take the first step in addressing my chronic daytime fatigue.”

The first step in addressing chronic daytime fatigue, snoring or other signs of sleep apnea is an at home sleep test. The WatchPAT One is the only disposable test on the market. You can order it now and put a big ol’ checkmark next to this resolution!

“I resolve to replace my CPAP cushion that I’ve been using for way, way too long.”

Did you know that a full-face CPAP mask cushion should be replaced once a month? And nasal or nasal pillows cushions should be replaced twice-monthly?! We’re not here to make you feel guilty or point fingers, but many CPAP users aren’t replacing their CPAP supplies frequently enough. Old, worn equipment can cause leaks or become full of bacteria, leading to improper treatment or worse, additional health issues. 

“I resolve to start fresh with an entirely new CPAP setup that actually works for me.”

Have you been putting off ordering new CPAP equipment because you need everything from the machine to the mask to the tubing to the humidifier? Now you can order the whole kit and kaboodle with one of our CPAP Starter Kits or CPAP Bundles. No worrying about a missing accessory or part, our kits come with everything you need to get down and sleeping. 

“I resolve to be at least 95% compliant every night.”

Maintaining high levels of compliance is essential for ensuring you are getting the most from your sleep apnea treatment. And for some, it’s imperative to getting your full insurance benefits and/or adhering to employer requirements. Monitor your CPAP machine stats after each night’s sleep and make the necessary changes to improve your compliance. To keep yourself motivated with this resolution, be sure to celebrate at the end of each month when you’re reached your goal. (We like double-chocolate chunk cookies as a reward, but you do you!) 

If you struggle with compliance, our Clinical Team is here to help. Take advantage of our Remote Therapy Monitoring service to help you stay on track and stay healthy.

“I resolve to stop worrying about what other people think and proudly shout my allegiance to CPAP!” 

There are a lot of stigmas out there about sleep apnea. We know they’re unfounded. You know they’re unfounded. Yet, unfortunately, they exist. 

But the more we all shine a spotlight on the inaccuracies of these stereotypes, the more we all shout about how CPAP saves lives, the more we can do to break these stigmas and help more people live fuller, healthier lives in 2021 and far into the future. 

To help our community ring in the New Year and work on a New Ewe, we’re offering 21% off CPAP supplies* for the entire month of January! Simply shop for your CPAP supplies, and enter code NewYearNewEwe at checkout.

*Offer valid January 1-31, 2021 only. Coupon cannot be combined with other offers. One use per customer. Not valid on the purchase of at-home sleep test, wireless monitoring service, CPAP prescription services, or cpapRX gift cards.

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