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How Pap’s Pathway Helped Monika and Her Father Simplify Their Sleep

At cpapRX, we know that a lot of you are shopping for a loved one. Sometimes it’s a spouse whose snoring is affecting their lives, sometimes it’s a child who may be showcasing behavioral issues due to lack of sleep, and sometimes, as Monika and her father’s story illustrates, i’s a parent who is suffering. 

Monika came to cpapRX looking to find a way to get her father the sleep help he needs without spending an arm and a leg. She also faced a unique obstacle: due to his language barrier, the stress of the traditional medical facility overnight stay was a stress risk he, nor she and her sister, were willing to take. 

Enter Pap’s Pathway, our revolutionary telehealth solution to your entire sleep treatment journey. From diagnosis with the WatchPAT ONE—the only disposable sleep study on the market—to CPAP Prescription Services, all the way down through to the complete CPAP Sleep System that is perfect for you and your sleep style. No sending anything back, no doctor’s visits. Stay home, stay safe, stay stress-free.

We wanted to dive a little deeper with Monika to get the real-life insights that only our patients and their families can provide, to hopefully give you the confidence you need to finally get you and/or your loved one’s sleep health the attention it deserves. We love Monika and her Papa’s story because aging loved ones, language barriers, and lack of insurance are common hurdles to overcome when it comes to healthcare concerns, especially sleep health.

Pap's Pathway - Monika and Her Papa

Monika, tell us a little bit about yourself and your father’s sleep journey. 

“I was skeptical about getting this test online for my father at first. My sister decided to have the screening study JUST like this one, only that it is not disposable, so we had to go back to [his] doctor’s office to return it and cross our fingers that nothing happened to the test kit while in our possession.”

Technology is moving quickly. It’s a lot of responsibility to send a huge electronic unit back! Did you ultimately try that sleep study?

“So, we made the appointment, paid $250 to have the same brand of at-home study. After we did that, [we] had to wait almost a month to pay $185 for the doctor to let us know the test didn’t work and he needs an in-house full sleep study. Let me add, he has NO insurance so all this is out of pocket. I told my sister, that’s it!! We are doing [the WatchPAT ONE]. I’m not willing to pay $850 and try to convince Papa he can sleep in a strange place. He speaks no English whatsoever and just spent two weeks in the hospital and I’m not willing to stress him out with it.”

The old-school overnight sleep study can be really scary and stressful for a lot of folks. Let alone the cost. How did the WatchPAT ONE get on your radar?

“So, I looked up my old emails from Laura*, who by the way responded with incredible timing every time. Long story short, I got the test from her in a day. Guess what? The test worked with no issues whatsoever! I was out of the country, but that didn’t stop Laura to organize a phone meeting with Kelsey* who explained the test results. Laura emailed me the results as I was on the phone with Kelsey.”

*Laura and Kelsey are just a few of the awesome team members here at cpapRX who you may end up speaking to over the phone, email, or even right on our live chat. They’re here to help, so reach out!

And Papa’s all set up with his CPAP?

“The right machine — all set up— arrived before I did. Laura made sure to get it in the mail the same day, even though it was just before Thanksgiving. Just an amazing experience. I’m forwarding the report to his cardiologists.”

Well, we are thrilled for you and Papa. Anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

“To sum it up, with NO hassle no headache he has the study, the prescription AND the machine he needs for the price of an in-house study from a doctor’s office. I can’t thank you ladies enough! I know we are on the right track to help his AFIB get under control. If it wasn’t for you guys, our financial situation would have pushed this out for months.”

Check out happy Papa showing off his new Evora Nasal Complete Mask by Fisher & Paykel! 

Happy cpapRX patient enjoying his new Evora Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel

If you have any questions about the WatchPAT ONE at-home sleep study, CPAP prescriptions, or CPAP supplies, give us a call at 833-216-CPAP, email us at, or live chat with us right on our website — look for the message bubble in the lower right-hand corner!

And as we close out 2020, if you have an HSA/FSA account, don’t forget to spend your money before it is gone at the end of year!

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