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WatchPAT One Sleep Apnea Test Results Explained

Anyone who thinks they may have a sleep disorder or experiences irregular breathing patterns, such as stopping breathing through the night or excess daytime sleepiness, would be a good candidate for the test. 

What is the WatchPAT One?

The WatchPAT ONE Disposable Home Sleep Test is the most convenient choice for at-home sleep apnea testing. You no longer have to risk your health, your sanity or your wallet by undergoing a sleep apnea test in a lab or hospital. The WatchPAT test is the first and only disposable sleep test, providing accurate and reliable data from the comfort of your own bed without visiting a sleep center. Anyone who thinks they may have a sleep disorder or stops breathing through the night would be a good candidate for the test.

Man Using WatchPAT Disposable Home Sleep Study

What does the WatchPAT One measure?

WatchPAT provides data about your sleep habits and sleep health, aiding in diagnosing sleep apnea. The comprehensive, automated reports are generated in just seconds, and sent to our Clinical Team for analysis and diagnosis. WatchPAT One measures the following:
– Apnea/Hypopnea Index (AHI)
– Central AHI – Apnea/Hypopnea per hour
– Apnea Episodes through the night
– Snoring and Body Position
– Oxygen & Heart Rate
– Sleep Stages Trending & Graphic Display
– Body Position Statistics and Graphic Display
– Snoring Statistics 
– Respiratory Indices Chart
– AHI Severity Scale
– True Sleep Time

How accurate is WatchPAT One?

The WatchPAT One sleep apnea test offers a 98% success rate due to the three points of contact. In addition, WatchPAT is clinically validated with an 89% agreement rate with polysomnography results for accurate sleep apnea detection. With the WatchPAT One, you can be sure that the results your getting are accurate and will help physicians provide any treatment options necessary.

What do all of the WatchPAT One results mean?

Sleep Summary with True Sleep Time

The Sleep Summary records the total time spent using the test, as well as your True Sleep Time–when you’re actually asleep, not just when you started and stopped using the test. This helps to prevent up to 20% of misdiagnosis and misclassification. 

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Sleep Summary

Respiratory Indices 

The Respiratory Indices Chart reveals the total number of Apneas Per Hour (AHI), Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI), and oxygen saturation index (ODI) throughout the night, as well as during REM and non-REM sleep specifically. 

AHI is the number of apneas and hypopneas you have per hour while sleeping, and helps to indicate the severity of sleep apnea and determine the therapy needed. RDI (a.ka., respiratory distress index) indicates the number of respiratory events that occur during sleep. It’s similar to AHI in that it measures the number of apneas and hypopneas, but it goes one step further and measures a third category–respiratory effort related arousals (RERAs)–any sleep disruption not considered an apnea or hypopnea, such as snoring, allergies, asthma, deviated septum, inflammation or swelling caused by illness. ODI is the measure of insufficient blood oxygen during sleep.

These indices are calculated using your True Sleep Time and actual oxygen desaturation. 

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Respiratory Indices

Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate

WatchPAT measures your oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Results provided show mean, minimum and maximum, any precipitous drops, as well as trending over time throughout the night. 

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Oxygen + Heart Rate
WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Oxygen + Heart Rate Trending

Body Position 

Body position statistics include time spent sleeping supine, prone, right or left side, and non-supine. Time is shown in minutes and percentage of total for each sleeping position. Body position is also noted each time an apnea occurs. 

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Body Position

Snoring Statistics

Snoring results reveal the loudness of snoring throughout the night. Results are shown by time spent (in both minutes and percentage) at different decibel levels, as well as the mean decibel level for the entire night of sleep.

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Snoring Statistics

Sleep Stages

Sleep Stages are presented in a few different ways. A trending chart shows sleep and wake stages over time throughout the night. A pie chart shows the percentage of time spent asleep or awake. Another pie chart shows the percentage of time in REM, light and deep sleep, reflecting different sleep patterns. And finally, it provides a total number of wakes throughout the night.  

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - Sleep Stages

AHI Severity Scale

The final chart is a simple graphic indicating where your AHI falls on the scale from mild to moderate to severe. 

WatchPAT One Sleep Report - AHI Severity Scale

Have more questions about WatchPAT home sleep testing or your sleep therapy? Call us at 833-216-CPAP, email us at, or Live Chat with us right on the website. 

Note: All data and charts were pulled from a sample report provided by Itamar Medical, makers of WatchPAT One at home sleep study.

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