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WatchPAT One Home Sleep Study Now Available at cpapRX

We’re excited to announce that patients can now order a home sleep study online at cpapRX!

As part of our exclusive complete treatment pathway, we’re now carrying the WatchPAT ONE Disposable Home Test, the most convenient choice for at-home sleep apnea testing. The WatchPAT test is the first and only disposable sleep test, providing accurate and reliable data from the comfort of the patient’s bed. 

WatchPAT ONE At-Home Sleep Test

Undergoing a sleep study has always been an intimidating event. The idea of spending a night in a lab or hospital, getting hooked up to loads of machines, and being monitored while you snooze is enough to scare most sleep apnea candidates off. (Not to mention, how can you even sleep when you’re in this uncomfortable environment?!) 

And in the wake of COVID-19, patients are even more intimidated. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and doctor’s offices have seen visits from non-coronavirus-related concerns drop significantly (by as much as 50%, according to The University of Rochester Medical Center!). Fear and anxiety of catching COVID-19 in a medical facility is real. And so is the feeling that non-COVID health concerns are simply not serious enough to warrant their doctor’s attention. 

“It’s a scary time for everyone,” says Dr. A. Danny Yaish, certified sleep specialist and co-founder of cpapRX. “But it’s even scarier knowing that people are ignoring or neglecting their health for fear of catching COVID-19. The health conditions they neglect could be far more detrimental.”

The WatchPAT disposable at-home sleep study eliminates the many risks and hassles associated with traditional sleep studies. Just check out some of the benefits:

Sleep in the Comfort of Your Own Bed

WatchPAT was designed with you, the patient, in mind. Instead of spending a wearisome night in a medical facility, you can undergo the sleep apnea test in the comfort of your own bedroom. Not only is this safer in today’s environment (and more pleasant in any environment!), it’s also more representative of your personal sleep habits, ensuring the best possible sleep experience and the most accurate sleep data. 

The Most Comprehensive and Accurate Data

And speaking of sleep data, WatchPAT has loads of it! Comprehensive, automated reports on the following sleep data points are generated in just seconds:

  • AHI – Apnea/Hypopnea per hour
  • Central AHI – Apnea/Hypopnea per hour
  • Apnea Episodes through the night
  • Snoring and Body Position
  • Oxygen & Heart Rate – note precipitous drops
  • Sleep Stages – (this is unique to WatchPAT!)
  • Body Position Statistics and Graphic Display
  • Snoring Statistics 
  • Sleep Stages Graphic Display
  • Respiratory Indices Chart
  • AHI Severity Scale

No Whirring Machines or Uncomfortable Nasal Tubes

Unlike other sleep tests, the WatchPAT test is discreet and non-invasive. WatchPAT uses just three points of contact–chest sensor, bracelet and finger probe. That’s all there is to it! 

Nothing to Ship Back

With other at-home sleep tests, you have to send the equipment back after using it. Not with the WatchPAT test. Because it’s disposable, patients can simply discard the test once they’ve received their results. No need to package it up and make a trip to the post office. And no need for clinicians to handle used equipment. 

Results Are Delivered Via The Cloud

The simple WatchPAT smartphone app transmits your sleep data from seven channels to the cloud. As soon as the study is completed, our trained clinical team can review the automated study results. No need to pick up the phone, snail mail or even email your results. Now that’s high tech at it’s best!

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to Simplify Your Sleep, order your WatchPAT home sleep test today. If you have any questions about the test or how to use it, our highly trained clinical team is available to walk you through it. Drop us a line or call us now at 833-216-CPAP to get started on your journey to Simplify Your Sleep!

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