ClimateLineAir™ 11 Heated Tubing for AirSense™ 11


Design for the new AirSense 11, the ClimateLineAir 11 heated tubing provides integrated heat, which works to prevent condensation inside the tube. The included swivel connector allows for improved movement, increasing comfort as you rest.


Need heated tubing replacement for your AirSense 11 machine?

  • This product is specifically designed for AirSense™ 11.  The ClimateLineAir tubing is designed to offer flexibility, sleeping comfort, and a reduced risk of getting caught up in the patient’s bedding
  • The built-in sensor is designed to continuously monitor temperature, and when paired with a ResMed HumidAir™ heated humidifier and the available Climate Control Auto option, humidity is automatically adjusted to deliver optimal comfort

TIP: How to Clean Your Heated Tubing:

  1. Unplug your machine from the power source
  2. Disconnect the air tubing/hose from your mask and machine
  3. In a sick or tub, rinse the inside and the outside of the air tubing with mild soap and warm, drinking-quality water
    1. Avoid using stronger cleaning products including dish detergents, as they may damage the air tubing or leave harmful residue
  4. Rinse again thoroughly with warm, drinking-quality water
  5. Place the air tubing on a flat surface, on top of a towel, to dry.
    1. Avoid placing your tubing in direct sunlight!

Visit ResMed’s official cleaning page for more tips on how to keep your cpap equipment clean!

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Weight 6.1 oz
Dimensions 15.5 × 7 × 1 in


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