Amara View Full Face Mask with Headgear


Available in small, medium, and large


Amara View Full Face Mask System

  • Includes the adjustable headgear, tube, and full face mask cushion
  • Full face mask, covering the nose and the mouth
  • Prescription required for a complete mask system

Product Benefits:

Universal Frame That Fits All Cushion Sizes

The Amara View features a universal frame that will fit any Amara View cushion size, so if you find that you need to change the size of your mask you can simply purchase a new small, medium, or large cushion and snap it on to your current frame!

Easy Assembly With Just 4 Parts

With just four parts, the Amara View is easy to maintain. The cushion comes off with just one click for cleaning and snaps back into place with one click when you’re done.

Amara Views Cushion Eliminates Pressure Points

The main body of the cushion covers your mouth so you can breathe easily with your mouth open or closed. A small hole in the top of the cushion allows you to breathe through your nose. There are no nasal pillows, just one cushion that delivers air to your nose and mouth allowing you to breathe restfully throughout the night.

360 Degree Swivel & Tubing

A short delivery tube leads from the Amara View’s elbow to provide a flexible connection. This tube is designed to minimize pressure and pull on the face and tubing. The 360° swivel elbow provides greater flexibility for tube positioning while you sleep.

Comfortable Headgear

The Amara View Headgear is soft but strong with inlaid tabs for convenient gripping. Quick release Magnetic Headgear Clips are easy to put on and take off.

Enjoy the View!

Ready to enjoy a completely open field of view? There’s no forehead support, no frame edge, no t-bar, no big cushion, and nothing at all above your nostrils to block your field of vision.  Finally, you can wear glasses, watch TV, read, and relax in bed before going to sleep!

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