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Meet the New (and your last!) CPAP Supply Shop – cpapRX

Hi, we’re cpapRX. We’re the newest online CPAP supplies shop on the block, and we’re so very excited to help Simplify Your Sleep!

Our goal at cpapRX is to make your journey with CPAP simple, enjoyable and maybe even a little fun! We do this in six key ways:

  1. Make diagnosing sleep apnea more convenient with at-home sleep tests
  2. Offer the lowest prices on a broad range of CPAP supplies from the top manufacturers
  3. Make ordering CPAP supplies more convenient and affordable
  4. Make obtaining or renewing your CPAP prescription simple and headache-free
  5. Provide attentive and considerate patient care to everyone
  6. Put sleep apnea stigmas to bed, once and for all!

You see, just because we’re new to the internets, doesn’t mean we’re new to CPAP. Our founder, Dr. Danny Yaish, is a certified Sleep Specialist. Dr. Yaish is board certified in Sleep Medicine, is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and has been treating patients with Sleep Apnea his entire career. 

Throughout that career, Dr. Yaish has noticed two major areas of improvement in caring for sleep apnea patients: 1. Creating convenience in how patients access CPAP prescriptions and CPAP machines, masks, and other supplies; and 2. Overcoming the stigmas that have prevailed about sleep apnea patients, despite being just plain wrong. With his team of experienced CPAP professionals at cpapRX, Dr. Yaish aspires to address these challenges and bring some much-needed efficiencies and transparency to the sleep apnea and CPAP world. 

Speaking of those experienced CPAP pros, Dr. Yaish is supported by an amazing team, some of whom have been with him for more than a decade, and have been committed to doing things right and helping patients with their medical conditions every day for the last ten years. 

When you call our support center, you’re going to talk to a real, live human being. That human will likely be Kelsey or Katie. Kelsey knows everything there is to know about CPAP and CPAP supplies. She has been working with Dr. Yaish for over a decade, and proudly manages the general operations and patient care for cpapRX. You may also get to know Katie very well. She’s an ace on patient care, billing, order tracking, and choosing the right CPAP supplies. 

Our strategic team is led by Ryan. You may not hear from him as much as Kelsey and Katie, but he’s just as committed to helping you get your treatment right and your products right so you can sleep tight. 

Kelsey, Katie, Ryan and Dr. Yaish are excited to hear from you, and happy to answer all of your CPAP questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s not just lip service, we mean it. We are committed to making sure our patients have the best experience with us as well as the best education on sleep apnea and CPAP. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news and announcements and exclusive discounts at cpapRX. And follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for fresh, current and helpful content about living with Sleep Apnea.

If you have an idea for a particular blog post or would even like to participate in our online educational platforms, send us a message at We would LOVE to hear from you!

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