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Celebrating Health Literacy Month

Health information can be unfamiliar, complex and full of jargon, making it difficult for medical professionals to properly communicate and for patients to properly understand their health conditions and treatments.

When patients don’t fully understand their diagnoses and treatment options, the best outcome is that it costs them and the healthcare industry more money. The worst outcome: it leads to higher morbidity and mortality rates. 

That’s why health literacy is so important, and why Helen Osborne founded Health Literacy Month in 1999. Health Literacy Month is a global, awareness-raising event that encourages organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information. 

Too often the onus has been placed on patients alone. Patients are made to feel that they are entirely responsible for understanding every bit of the jargon that their doctors jive. 

At cpapRX, we know that it’s our responsibility to ensure that you understand your diagnosis, treatment options, therapy plan and health changes. That’s why we’re dedicated to using plain language, simplified numbers and working with patients on an individual basis to ensure they fully grasp every aspect of every step along their CPAP Treatment Journey

To celebrate Health Literacy Month this October, we’ll be sharing useful tips and info on our social media channels. And to continue the celebration year round, we pledge to give you all of the CPAP and sleep apnea info you need, without using any of that confusing medical speak. 

So join us in eliminating the confusion around sleep health! Follow us on social media by clicking on the icons below and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest sleep therapy information and helpful tips (and even some exclusive promotions!).

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