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Eson 2 Full Mask Front - Full-Face CPAP Mask

Eson 2

This comfortable easy to use mask features the patented RollFit™ Seal technology, intuitive headgear redesigned for improved use and fitting and VisiBlue™ highlights have been incorporated into key mask components to aid with fitting and assembly.

Confidence comes easy with Eson™ 2

Eson™ 2 is designed to meet your needs at every important milestone in your CPAP therapy journey.

Eson 2 Features

RollFit Seal
The innovative RollFit seal automatically adjusts to the bridge of your nose.  The RollFit technology also ensures an effective seal is maintained enabling you to experience a precise fit.

Intuitive Headgear
The intuitive headgear of the Eson 2 allows for simple fitting and adjustment. The headgear is made of a durable, soft fabric, designed for comfort. It can also be stretched directly over the head for an easy fit, and then adjusted as required.

VisiBlue Color Cues
Visiblue color cues help you disassemble, assemble, and orient the mask easily.


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