SleepStyle™ Auto PAP Machine

Manufactured by Fisher and Paykel


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Comfort meets Simplicity

Introducing the F&P SleepStyle™ Auto CPAP machine.

Features at a glance:

• World-class obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s auto-adjusting pressure algorithm

• A comprehensive range of comfort options –

ThermoSmart™ humidification, SensAwake™ technology and expiratory relief

• A new lightweight ThermoSmart AirSpiral™ breathing tube*

• Simple to set up and start

• The only CPAP with the American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation

• Easy-access water chamber for easy cleaning and filling

• Quiet performance and a fully integrated humidifier

• Instant access to your sleep data

• Your progress can be tracked online using the SleepStyle App and Web**

• Compact carry-bag to take your F&P SleepStyle device and mask with you when on the go

* 20% lighter than the previous F&P ThermoSmart tube

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