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This comfortable easy to use mask features the patented RollFit™ Seal technology, intuitive headgear redesigned for improved use and fitting and VisiBlue™ highlights have been incorporated into key mask components to aid with fitting and assembly.

designed to perform...

The F&P Eson™ is designed to perform in tune with you and your needs. It incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoFit™ Headgear, and Easy Frame all designed to work in harmony.

Eson Features

RollFit Seal
The innovative RollFit™ seal automatically adjusts to the bridge of your nose.  The RollFit technology also ensures an effective seal is maintained enabling you to experience a precise fit. 

ErgoFit Headgear
The ErgoFit headgear is designed to self-locate high on the read of the head to allow for maximum head movement without dislodgement.

Easy Frame
Easy to wear, see, and sleep!  The low -profile Easy Frame is stable, small, and ensures a clear line of sight.  

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