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A complete sleep therapy program for your business.

The truth is that every business benefits from a well-rested team. Some sectors, industry guidelines and safety regulations place a higher requirement on businesses to ensure proper clinical treatment is provided to employees.

The cpapRX Sleep Partner Program is a turn-key solution that provides simple, at-home sleep test kits, new and renewed prescriptions, educational resources and workshops, special discounts on sleep products from all the top brands, and much more.

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Don't fall asleep at the wheel.
Or your desk.

cpapRX Sleep Partner Program

cpapRX partners with businesses across a wide selection of industries, where proper sleep health and clinical sleep support are required for job safety and peak employee performance. Whether you’re an owner, or an employee exploring health and wellness programs for your team, our Sleep Partner Program provides a unique and specialized pathway to providing sleep therapy for your team.

Employer Benefits

It’s no secret that a well-rested team performs better. As a people manager, you must stay on top of employee health and wellness needs while both on the job and off. cpapRX can provide the tools and resources you need to support proper sleep health across your organization.

  • Dedicated, branded portal for employees (coming soon)
  • Informational and promotional materials
  • Company Tours
  • Bulk ordering discounts
  • Special events and offers
  • Compliance documentation

Employee Benefits

Your career is important to you and your way of life. Managing sleep health is critical to maintaining performance goals and your overall happiness, whether you’re on the job or spending time with family and friends. The Sleep Partner Program address your sleep health needs including the resources and supplies you need every day.

  • No hassle, At-home OSA screening kits
  • Free prescriptions*
  • Educational resources & materials
  • Employee-only deals & discounts
  • Health fairs, lunch & learn events


The never-ending road trip.
From critical medicine and healthcare supplies, to food, commercial and consumer products, America relies on you to keep moving.


Hit the nail on the head.
Whether you’re building homes for families, a warehouse for industry, or roads for your community, you’ll build well when well-rested.


Burning the midnight oil?
Your team depends on you to help them thrive and reach your business goals. A fresh, rested mind will help you get down to business.

Take the first step, today.

To inquire about the cpapRX Sleep Partner Program, please provide the following information. Our partnership team will review your company details and be in touch with 1-3 business days.

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