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AirFit N30i
Minimalist Design For Easier Communication
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AirFit P30i
Freedom To Sleep In Any Position
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AirFit F30
Clear Field of Vision
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AirFit N30
Comfort & Performance
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AirFit 30 Series

Choose an ultra-compact AirFit™ 30 series mask if you value performance but prioritize freedom. Under-the-nose cushions mean red marks and discomfort on the bridge of your nose are a thing of the past

The AirFit™ 30 series CPAP masks give you the freedom to move, sleep, be close, and relax. The freedom to be yourself.

freedom to be yourself...

This series is for the free spirits who dare to dream of a better night’s sleep.  The cozy cuddlers, the midnight readers who want to sleep their way and wake up feeling their best.

AirFit 30 Series Features

Sleep The Way You Want
The ultra-compact AirFit™ 30i masks have a top-of-the-head tube design that makes it easy to sleep in any position.

Under-The-Nose Cushion
The under-the-nose cushions mean red marks and discomfort on the bridge of your nose are a thing of the past.

SpringFit Frame
The 30i masks adjust to your face for a fit that lasts all night.

Minimalist Design
The minimalist design of the 30i masks leaves your face clear for easier communication.

Quiet Diffused Venting
The F30’s quiet diffused venting allows you to comfortably sleep close to your bed partner.

Clear Field Of Vision
For the midnight readers, the clear field of vision makes it easy to read your book while wearing your mask.

The F30 full face mask has easy-to-use magnetic clips for quick fitting.

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