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Does your partner’s snoring keep you awake at night?

Or are you worried YOUR snoring is keeping your partner up?

Talking with your partner about the possibility of sleep apnea can be difficult, but we’re here to help! You can address this serious issue with some not-so-serious messages. Send your lover one of these funny Valentines below and you can work together as a couple to get tested for sleep apena, so you’re both getting a better night’s sleep. Simply hover over the image to reveal the sharing button in the upper left corner, and select your preferred channel.

For just $199, cpapRX offers the most reliable (and the only disposable) at-home sleep test available today. No doctor’s visits. No sleep labs. No leaving your bed even!

If you test positive for sleep apnea, cpapRX will waive the costs of your prescription with the purchase of a CPAP machine.* Use code: AHSTFreeRx

If you’re already a CPAP user, you can save 20%† on new supplies with code LoverZZZ through the end of the month.

Remember: The best valentine’s day gift you can give your partner is a good night’s sleep!

Share a valentine with someone special.

cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - I
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - Snore Too Loud
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - Poem 2
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - Snoremate
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - Poem 1
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - CPAP is for LoverZZZ
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - Suffocating
cpapRX Valentine's Day Card - Darth Vader

*One use per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Purchase of a qualifying machine required.

†One use per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Discount not valid on sale items, gift cards, prescription services, wireless monitoring or at home sleep tests.

Card character designs created by NightWolf.