Simplus™ Complete Mask

Available in small, medium and large



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large, medium, small

F&P Simplus™ Mask system

  • Includes Adjustable Headgear, Frame system, Quick release, and Full face mask cushion
  • Full face mask, covering the nose and mouth
  • Available in Small, Medium, and Large seals
  • Prescription required

Product Benefits:

RollFit™ seal

The Simplus full face seal is designed with a RollFit™ seal feature, this allows for the seal to adjust around the bridge of the nose more efficiently. The seal also has stability panels built into it that rest on the left and right side of the nasal bridge for better support and control of leak while you sleep.

Headgear and Frame

The ErgoForm™ headgear is designed to be ergonomic and breathable. The headgear is made from a durable, soft fabric made with the user’s comfort in mind. In addition, the ErgoForm™ headgear has built in non-stretch panels, and many adjustable points to achieve the right fit for each user. The headgear easily detaches from the low-profile frame, which includes a forehead support. The frame has a Ball-and-Socket-Elbow the allows you to freely move back and forth. The quick release attachment is located at the base of this elbow and attaches to the CPAP machine tubing. This quick release allows for users to simply remove the tube when getting up in the night.

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