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What’s in the Box?

  • PurePAP CPAP Cleaner
  • Tube Adapters
  • Sanitizing Bag
  • Travel Bag
  • Charging Cord & Adapter

Kills 99% of Germs & Bacteria

PurePAP™ CPAP Cleaner can produce activated oxygen quickly to reach every corner of your CPAP machine, tube, and mask, killing 99% of germs and bacteria. Very safe and convenient, the optimized design enables faster generation of activated oxygen during start-up and faster dissipation after clean. And the simple design is easy and convenient to use. To use this device, simply plug in your CPAP/Bi-Level to the PurePAP, turn the PurePAP on, and walk away. The PurePAP will automatically clean your CPAP equipment using Ozone, also known as activated oxygen, in only 30 minutes.

Portability & Home Use

PurePAP was designed from the start to be a unit for both on the go AND home use. While other units are designed either just for travel or just for home use, the PurePAP does it all. Many home units are large, loud, and bulky: not suited for travel. Portable units often use cheap charge controllers that don’t allow you to run the unit while it is plugged in! That means constant plugging and unplugging and finding a lost cable EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. PurePAP doesn’t cut corners, we use a high-quality charge controller that lets you keep the convenience of a portable unit, while still being able to leave it plugged in while at home. The best of both worlds!

Half the Size, Half the Weight, Half the Price…Yet Twice the Power

That’s right, PurePAP’s whisper-quiet motor has twice the power of competing brands. No more waiting hours to sanitize – PurePAP gets the job done in just 30 minutes!

How Does PurePAP Work

Cleaning your CPAP doesn’t have to be complicated, you simply press the only button on the device, and PurePAP does the rest. Using activated oxygen, PurePAP eliminates 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. No disassembly. No water. No chemicals. Just simple, automated cleaning.

Step 1:Connect your hose to the PurePAP valve.

Step 2: Place your mask and water tank inside the sanitizing zip bag. Zip the bag closed and press the Start Button. The cleaning cycle will run for 30 minutes, after which you will hear a beep sound and the device will turn off automatically. It’s that easy!

Is PurePAP Compatible with my CPAP?

Yes, unlike other CPAP cleaner brands asking you to pay an extra $10- $15 for one adapter, PurePAP supplies the unique All in 1 Tube adapter included in the package, making it suitable for most CPAP machines on the market.  PurePAP is compatible with ResMed S9, ResMed S10, ResMed AirMini, Respironics M Series, Respironics DreamStation, Respironics DreamStation GO, Respironics PR Series, Respironics SleepEasy Series, Fisher & Paykel ICON Series, Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Series, and all 22mm & 15mm diameter tubing CPAP machines.


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